Solution introduction

Enhance competitive positioning through reliable high frequency trading

DXC delivers fully managed trading floor IT infrastructure operations with Fixnetix

The combination of front-office infrastructure, market data, and trading technology that a financial institution (FI) needs to compete in the capital markets space is costly and complex. Historically, FIs have taken an in-house approach to building all this out. Over time, however, all that has changed.

Capital markets firms are now under severe pressure and, as a result, cost rationalization has become a higher priority. In addition, regulatory compliance challenges are driving IT strategies away from fixed, high-cost overhead and toward a more flexible and reactive environment. In turn, the industry has come to view an in-house built and managed infrastructure less as a competitive differentiator and more as a business constraint.

Put more simply: as competitive and regulatory pressures increase, financial firms can no longer sustain platforms built in-house due to the high fixed costs involved. Outsourcing and cost mutualization, therefore, are now seen as viable options in all aspects of IT and at all stages of the trading cycle. More and more investment banks are migrating their trading infrastructure to an outsourced managed service partner – a trend that is forecasted to continue over the next few years.

With the right partner, FIs have the opportunity to enhance competitive positioning through high-frequency trading, reliability, higher safety of trading, minimized risk, and just in time compliance. With Fixnetix, DXC delivers fully managed trading floor IT infrastructure operations providing globally managed services for low-latency trading, market data, hosting and connectivity in addition to risk management solutions to improve competitive positioning and provide cost efficiencies.

Customers can take advantage of the Fixnetix Trading and Risk Solution together with DXC’s global reach and scale of business, providing a single source for the solution. Fixnetix and DXC offer a wide range of ultralow latency offerings, capital markets industry expertise and efficiency together with the benefits of scale and security that large banks demand from their outsourcing providers

With the Trading Systems Outsourcing solution, financial institutions can:

  • Respond to market changes and customer needs with agility and timely product delivery
  • Improve trading efficiencies and lower the cost of doing business with a reliable, safe and high-performing alternative to in-house built IT trading infrastructure
  • Realise substantial OPEX and CAPEX reduction and equivalent improvement in efficiency ratios
  • Access the latest technology innovations, otherwise often prohibitively expensive, to help improve their customer SLAs and achieve economies of scale using a shared and secure trading infrastructure.

DXC can help substantially lower IT trading operating costs with an advanced trading infrastructure that achieves less than one millisecond latency and sub-second frequency trading. DXC has extensive co-location and hosting services in over 40 global data centers. Fully managed environments, based on bespoke customer requirements, are available together with full customer onboarding service.

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