Solution introduction

Our software improves people’s lives and futures

Our analytics change the way people identify, understand and manage the risks to their future plans and aspirations

We help financial services firms understand and serve the needs of their customers and act in their customers’ best interests while reducing their cost to serve.

The problem for our users
We are living longer. Healthcare costs are soaring. Social security systems are insolvent. Interest rates remain low. The result is an unhappy future for most people living in developed countries.

  • An uncertain future: over the past twenty years, we have been handed responsibility for our future. Although we face more uncertainty than prior generations, we lack frameworks to handle this uncertainty
  • No safety net: our employers have put our future back in our hands and turned us all into reluctant investors. Our governments spend more than they earn and cannot afford to pay for our future or keep us healthy.
  • No helping hand: our financial services firms are keen to help us, but they haven't figured out how. Their old methods are not designed for today's digital and mobile world.

The problem for our clients
Digital and mobile channels have changed what we expect from financial services firms. A wave of disruptive newcomers is turning old business models on their head. As a financial services firm, your relationship with your customer is your most valuable asset. And it is under threat.

  • New regulations: it is no longer enough to prove suitability and appropriateness. Firms must now prove they are acting in their customers' best interests.
  • Cost to serve: most firms find it expensive to serve all but their wealthiest customers. As a result, the rest of us feel underserved or ignored.
  • Customer centric: most firms realise their financial products are becoming commoditised. Old-school ``product push`` methods are ineffective in today's mobile world.

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