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A digitial transformation for an enhanced customer experience

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Digitalising and streamlining your processes to achieve operational efficiency that anticipates your clients’ needs

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Core Banking

OLYMPIC Banking System helps you streamline and digitise complex processes from front to back office, unlocking your institution’s full growth potential. The solution covers for instance payments and remittances, loans and mortgages, savings and deposits as well as all required regulatory requirements.

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by ERI
| 12/10/2023 08:00:00

About Bankinter Luxembourg
Bankinter Luxembourg offers its clients access to the main financial centre of the eurozone, Luxembourg. The bank proposes the most sophisticated investment products and vehicles, with the guarantee and backing of being part of the sixth-largest banking group in the Spanish financial system, the fourth largest in terms of market capitalisation, and the first in terms of profitability and asset quality.

The challenge
When Bankinter established its business in Luxembourg, it conducted a review of its entire private banking business model, including IT infrastructure, in order to identify ways to optimise its return on investment. The bank carried out a detailed analysis, taking into account the specific characteristics of the Luxembourg market. The conclusion was that exploiting the full potential of OLYMPIC Banking System would be the most effective way to maximise market potential, as OLYMPIC Banking System provided all the necessary functionality and capacity to future-proof the bank’s IT strategy and support its business expansion plans. The first phase involved a number of strategic measures involving OLYMPIC Banking System that were implemented in order to optimise the bank’s profitability.

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