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Digitalising and streamlining your processes to achieve operational efficiency that anticipates your clients’ needs

OLYMPIC Banking System is a fully-integrated, front-to-back, parameter-driven digital platform supporting banks and financial institutions with streamlining their core business activities across their clients’ entire lifecycle

More than 400 banks and wealth managers across over 60 countries have chosen OLYMPIC Banking System to streamline, automate and digitise their daily processes. Our solutions assist banks and financial institutions in achieving cost and operational efficiency while keeping the focus on anticipating their clients’ needs.

With its wide range of functions and state-of-the art technology, OLYMPIC Banking System responds to the challenges of various banking and financial sectors. Whether your institution is a private, corporate or retail bank, a central bank, a credit union or a business focusing on custody, fund administration and brokerage services, OLYMPIC Banking System helps you automate complex processes from front-to-back office, unlocking your institution’s full growth potential.

The solution provides a complete set of decision-making, transaction processing and control tools to support domestic and international core services. It comprises a functionally rich client-centric Core System, and a wide range of integrated front, middle and back-office functions. These include CRM, Client On-boarding, Regulatory Reporting, Portfolio and Order Management, Advisory and Digital Banking (e-banking and mobile banking).

OLYMPIC Banking System is highly agile thanks to its dynamic parameter-driven system, which is designed to be entirely tailored and managed directly by the user’s organisation. The solution also leverages cloud computing and is available in a SaaS model supporting financial institutions in achieving operational efficiency and future-proof their profitability.

On T+1 settlement, “we are not starting from a blank sheet”

Core Banking, Market & Business Infrastructure, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems, Risk Analysis & Management, Trading & Back Office


This session was sponsored by Deutsche Bank, DTCC, ERI, and S&P Global Market Intelligence. “There is a demonstrable history in Europe of not making progress unless there is an imperative from......

ERI’s Business Profile, Solution Offering and Market Relevance

Core Banking, Investment Platforms & Tools, Portfolio Build, Analysis & Reporting


Business Overview

Over the years, thanks to a strong team spirit, ERI has built up solid expertise by envisioning future enhancements realistically while ensuring the efficiency of the existing product for our clients’ day-to-day use. All our achievements are driven by our total dedication to providing the highest level of service.

One of the reasons for our success is the fact that we remain in touch with the realities of the market. The close cooperation between us and our clients and partners ensures that our solutions are in line with market needs.

Our clients trust us to empower them with flexible problem-solving tools that enable them to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate their own customers’ needs.


Our clients include private banks, wealth managers, fund managers, retail & corporate banks, credit unions, custodian banks and central banks from around the globe.

Key Data

Year founded
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Brokers/Broker-Dealers
  • Digital Wealth Manager
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Advisors

ERI Solutions

OLYMPIC Banking System - Core Banking

OLYMPIC Banking System helps you streamline and digitise complex processes from front to back office, unlocking your institution’s full growth potential. The solution covers for instance payments and remittances, loans and mortgages, savings and deposits as well as all required regulatory requirements....

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Advisory

The OLYMPIC Banking System empowers advisors to innovate and consolidate their unique approach to client services, using cutting-edge technology that complies with local and international investor protection regulations. Advisors offer investment proposals suited to their clients’ specific objectives, which can then be adapted over time. Seamless workflows enable smooth interactions......

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Custody services

OLYMPIC Banking System offers fully integrated and automated functionality to manage custody and depositary services as part of the investment management value chain, including the safekeeping, processing and settlement of securities. Custodian and depositary banks are having to adapt to major shifts in the market, including continuous consolidations through mergers and......

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Customer Engagement

Technology is instrumental in achieving this transformation and providing services that deliver convenience and simplify daily banking activities. Moreover, capturing behavioural insights will enable banks to create seamless and user-friendly digital services customised to their clients’ needs. Managing CRM and on-boarding processes can be extremely time-consuming, and often results in......

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Digital Banking

OLYMPIC Banking System’s Digital Banking portal can be used to manage financial operations on the move, helping your customers make well-informed decisions. It is aimed at the bank’s customers as well as external users such as EAMs (external asset managers), and was built with remote access in mind. The portal......

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Fund Administration

With growing investor appetites for sustainable finance and alternative investments, the investment fund industry is being pushed to streamline its processes and increase innovation within ever-decreasing timescales. OLYMPIC Banking System provides the flexibility, scalability and connectivity to enable institutions to streamline servicing processes for greater customer satisfaction while minimising operating......

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Order Management

Institutions face significant challenges in being able to optimise order management processing and control costs. Ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations remains a costly and time-consuming process, especially when trying to manage it across disparate systems. Data accuracy is another key area of risk. Pre- and post-trade checks can be performed......

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Portfolio Management

Private wealth managers have seen their profession deeply impacted by market volatility, continuous regulatory constraints and increased pressure on costs and fees. The way that individuals approach wealth management has greatly evolved, and institutions need to take into account their clients’ expectations for a holistic approach to managing their wealth......

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