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ERI Partners with Unblu to offer conversational banking solutions to banks and financial institutions

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Digitalising and streamlining your processes to achieve operational efficiency that anticipates your clients’ needs

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OLYMPIC Banking System - Core Banking

OLYMPIC Banking System helps you streamline and digitise complex processes from front to back office, unlocking your institution’s full growth potential. The solution covers for instance payments and remittances, loans and mortgages, savings and deposits as well as all required regulatory requirements.

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by ERI
| 16/02/2022 12:00:00

ERI, provider of the leading technology platform, the OLYMPIC Banking System, digitising front-to-back financial services processes, and Unblu, the leading conversational platform for financial services today announced a strategic partnership to integrate Unblu’s solutions with ERI’s OLYMPIC Banking System software package.

OLYMPIC Banking System is a fully-integrated, front-to-back, parameter-driven digital platform supporting banks and financial institutions in streamlining, automating and digitising their core business activities across their clients’ entire lifecycle.

The Unblu Platform enables financial institutions to engage, browse and collaborate, enriching their digital experience by extending their customers’ touch points and collaboration capabilities. Financial advisors can engage with customers in secure environments such as online or mobile banking applications and customer portals.

The strategic objective of this collaboration is to build bridges between the online self-service world and the way banks and financial institutions want to communicate with their clients. Unblu will expand the engagement options on ERI’s OLYMPIC Banking System platform. The solution includes live chat, secure messaging, video & voice as well as collaboration capabilities such as co-browsing and screen sharing.

Jean-Philippe Bersier, ERI’s Director of Business Development, says: “Signing this strategic partnership is a key driver in taking the digital experience to the next level. Being omnichannel is crucial but being able to bring the best of digital experience and human expertise goes beyond. We are thrilled to offer OLYMPIC Banking System’s customers an easy, convenient and secure way to connect with their clients in real time.”

Luc Haldimann, CEO at Unblu, underlines the fact that “with this agreement, ERI’s current and future customers will benefit from a unique solution that combines two pioneering banking technologies to offer an outstanding and differentiating customer experience. Customers want the convenience of digital and omnichannel banking, but they also want the personal touch that comes with speaking to their bank.”