Solution introduction

Globalised fund registration and maintenance

Our specialised consultancy and project management service helps remove the administrative burden of obtaining authorisation and distributing your funds in other jurisdictions

Work with experts
We have delivered cross-border solutions in over 70 jurisdictions for our clients. The team, including our regulatory experts, has the requisite expertise to be able to steer you around the complexities of the cross-border registration process.

Improve efficiencies and reduce costs
We will handle all the administrative burden normally associated with the cross-border registration of funds, giving you back the freedom to focus on your core business, managing and growing assets.

Flexible and comprehensive service
The service is completely adaptable to your requirements. It allows you to hand over as much or as little of the process as you wish.

The process does not end with the registration of the funds in your chosen jurisdictions. We also ensure the registration is compliant year-on-year by liaising with the necessary third parties.

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