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Fundserv is an important link to the investment industry. In addition to its network and workflow applications, Fundserv leads and facilitates industry committees and working groups that promote automation initiatives and establish the industry's electronic standards

We connect the Canadian investment management industry, ensuring every trade is processed timely, accurately and securely. Our goal at Fundserv is to reduce time, cost and risk while improving the ease of doing business so that our clients can focus on what matters most to their business. We take pride in our model of delivering high-quality products that can be accessed by all within the industry. Parallel that with a unique cost recovery model where our clients can share in the savings we generate each year which is a value proposition that can’t be matched by any firm.

Our commitment to the industry goes beyond the solutions we deliver and is exemplified through our history and our future of being the trusted source to the industry. We don’t take this for granted and continue to focus on building solutions that enhance our value through collaboration, adaptability, integrity, and respect.


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fundserv is a centralized platform which enables manufacturers, distributors and intermediaries to buy, sell and transfer investment funds over Fundserv Inc.’s secure transactional network. Challenges Compliance – trades delivered via paper can circumvent compliance process NIGOs – transactions submitted via paper have a high NIGO (Not in Good Order) rate Increasing need for access......

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Traditional communication methods like phone, fax and email do not meet the security and reliability requirements of the investment management industry; they are often time consuming, risky and error-prone. Common issues include: Confidentiality and privacy of data Email delivery errors Inaccurate information Guaranteed delivery and non-repudiation Who said what and when? Lost or illegible faxes The solution messageserv was developed in association with the industry and......

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