Solution introduction

Configurable and scalable API enabled FCA compliant illustrations

Highly efficient calculation engine to produce illustrations for new and existing investors, fully integrated into the GBST product suite

Illustrate, the GBST illustration engine automates the production of branded, FCA compliant illustrations to help investors visualise the growth of their investments. Illustrate caters for pre- and post-sales illustrations and annual regulatory illustrations across pensions, GIAs and ISAs for both new and existing investors. Illustrate is fully integrated into other GBST products (Composer - back-office and Catalyst - front-office) ensuring data can be displayed and stored with no requirement for re-keying. 

Illustrate supports single and regular employer and employee contributions, all calculated within a single request. This provides a consolidated view of all contributions over time in a single document for advisers to present to investors.

The output of the illustration calculation can be provided as raw data in JSON/XML format for use within third-party document composition tools or rendered as a PDF and stored in a document management system of choice. PDF documents can be fully branded and white-labelled, with the content managed by the Illustration provider.

Illustrate is highly performant, producing ad-hoc pre-sale illustrations sub one second, whilst able to mass produce 20,000 annual reporting illustrations in under 20 minutes. The highly performant nature ensures there is no extended screen load time for front-office users whilst operational staff can benefit from generating high-volumes of illustrations in large batch processes.

Real-time configuration changes can be made to Illustrate, such as annual tax rates, asset universe and asset growth rates.

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