Solution introduction

Putting you in control

To thrive in the post-digital era your organisation needs a complete view of any and all data. You need to trust that it is timely, accurate, consistent, and complete. You need real time insight so you can take real time action with confidence

Technology for today
We built the Clareti platform from the ground up with the latest big data, cloud-native technology. This ensures you get the versatility, scalability, and power that your business needs.

Modern flexible technology

API-based infrastructure
The Clareti platform is designed to fit into and use API-based infrastructure, enhancing in-built capabilities and supporting both RESTful and GraphQL API integration points.

The Clareti platform uses tiered-persistence fast memory to store the data you need right now. Frequently accessed data is stored in rapid-access persistence stores for speed, whilst retained data is held in long-term, big-data storage for as long as you need it.

Seamless, intuitive, consistent
All of the Clareti platform modules are built on the same technology, with the same user interface and self-service configuration for easy, intuitive operation. As a result, your business users can rapidly build new controls rather than waiting weeks for your IT team to implement them – even in the largest, most complex tier-one organisations.

Cloud-native, big data technology
The Clareti platform has been built from the ground up on big-data, cloud-native technology, including:

A containerised system via;

  • Kubernetes for scale and ease of deployment
  • Kafka for data distribution
  • Micro-services for rapid innovation
  • A React material-UI for ease of use

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