Solution introduction

Immuta is the modern data access and control solution for both cloud-based and on-premises data ecosystems in financial services

Financial services firms rely on Immuta as a core component of their data control environments, so they can safely gain business insights and value from even their most sensitive data

Data access control
Immuta pioneered the category of automated, fine-grained access control over sensitive data. Now, data teams in financial services can ensure analysts have the right level of access to the right data, without making copies, struggling with complex role-based access, or adding new tools or data infrastructure.

Fine-grained auditing & reporting
With Immuta’s automated policy enforcement, auditing data usage is easier than ever. Data teams in financial services can gather real-time insights with detailed reports showing what data was accessed, by whom, when, and for what purpose.

Dynamic data protection
Immuta’s explainable policy builder removes the guesswork from data access protection techniques such as dynamic data masking and differential privacy. This enables data teams to safely unlock insights from data while complying with internal rules and federal, industry, employment, and contractual regulations – without ever having to copy or move data.

Banking & payments

  • Customer 360
  • Trading Analytics

Wealth & asset management

  • Customer Churn
  • Product Recommendation
  • Risk Management


  • Fraudulent Claims
  • Claims Optimization
  • Personalized Offers

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