Solution introduction

Infleks Wealth Management is a comprehensive and user-friendly application system that meets all the operational needs of companies such as portfolio management companies, fund management companies, investment trusts, portfolio custodian companies and general custodian companies

It can function as "fund operation platform", "portfolio management platform" or "custodian platform" within the financial institutions that operate in the market

Infleks Wealth Management can operate multiple portfolios on a single platform for the institutions like insurance companies, brokerage houses, portfolio management and custodian institutions which may be working on different platforms.

As well as supporting all portfolio types and investment instruments, Infleks Wealth Management also quickly adapts to new financial instruments, providing continues investing ability to our customers.

Thanks to its flexible and functional structure, Infleks Wealth Management accelerates the process of adaption quickly to new legal regulations and changing market conditions, and rapidly implements services and products that can support strategic investment decisions.

Infleks Wealth Management is fully integrated with data provider institutions in Turkey.

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