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Democratising financial advice: using financial analytics to provide a personalised service at scale

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Kidbrooke builds seamless wealth experiences leveraging predictive forecasting by accessing our financial simulation engine through its versatile APIs

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by Kidbrooke
| 01/12/2023 14:00:00

Watch this webinar in partnership with Goodacre UK, deep diving into how HAYAH Insurance leverages financial analytics to provide personalised service at scale.

Erik Brodin from Kidbrooke, and David Howard from HAYAH Insurance, dive into the future of financial services with HAYAH Insurance and how they are using cutting-edge financial analytics to deliver personalised services at scale.

HAYAH Insurance, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is among UAE’s most dynamic insurance pioneers, specialising in life and medical insurance and savings products.

Hear about the challenges and opportunities of building and running a digital-first investment guidance business, the role of financial simulation and forecasting in delivering a superior customer experience and why it is so critical to generating demand for financial services in the future.