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Kidbrooke builds seamless wealth experiences leveraging predictive forecasting by accessing our financial simulation engine through its versatile APIs

Kidbrooke is a tech company specialising in solutions dedicated to improving decision-making processes in the financial services industry

By distilling decades of research in quantitative finance and behavioural economics into easily accessible APIs, Kidbrooke empowers banks, insurers, and wealth managers to build next-generation investments, pensions, and wealth experiences. We provide KidbrookeOne, a complete investment and wealth analytics platform designed to improve customer and adviser experiences as well as increase the efficiency of investment and wealth operations.

We believe in a world where everyone has access to educated financial decision-making.

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Business Intelligence & Practice Management, Business Process Management & Outsourcing, Financial Markets Research & Analysis, Market Analysis, Understanding & Sizing


Investment Guidance Chatbot - A Spixii and Kidbrooke® collaboration

Compliance & Regulation, Data Management & Analysis, Financial Markets Research & Analysis


Kidbrooke: Who Are We?

Digital Platforms & Tools, Digital (Robo) Investing, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems


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Data Management & Analysis, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems, Risk Analysis & Management


Using engagement to build customer loyalty

Client Communications & Reporting, Client Engagement & Management, Client Marketing & Prospecting


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Data Management & Analysis, Digital Platforms & Tools


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Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Strategy & Consulting


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Client Engagement & Management, Financial & Retirement Planning, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems


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Client Engagement & Management, Digital Platforms & Tools, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems


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Data Management & Analysis, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems, Risk Analysis & Management


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Digital Platforms & Tools, Digital (Robo) Investing, Financial & Retirement Planning


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Financial & Retirement Planning, Tools for the Client (B2C)


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Digital Platforms & Tools, Digital (Robo) Investing, Financial & Retirement Planning, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems, Risk Analysis & Management


Kidbrooke intro/demo

Digital (Robo) Investing, Financial & Retirement Planning, Portfolio Build, Analysis & Reporting, Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems, Risk Analysis & Management


Business Overview

Kidbrooke improves decision-making processes within the financial services industry and beyond. Historically, best practice financial decision-making support has been available only to the wealthiest and still many wealth managers are only accessible to high net-worth individuals. As such Kidbrooke empowers its customers with industry-leading financial risk analytics at an affordable price-point to improve accessibility to financial guidance and support.

Kidbrooke’s OutRank is a powerful technology platform that powers investment decision-making based on the simulations of the underlying personal balance sheets of end customers. The solution is offered as an API and can generate realistic stochastic economic scenarios and apply these scenarios to evaluate any given balance sheet, transaction for transaction, into the future. It is built for performance and scales very well across different workloads. The supported customer journeys include short to medium-term investments, pension advice and mortgage advice. Since input data is always a potential challenge, there is built-in support for predicting or projecting inputs such as an employee’s most likely salary curve, or existing employee state and occupational pension capital.

Founded in early 2011 in London, Kidbrooke is nowadays headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, while retaining the presence in the UK. Having spent about 20 years working in the fields of quantitative modelling and risk management, the founders created Kidbrooke as a consulting business. In 2019, Kidbrooke became a tech company providing scalable financial software solutions for financial institutions of all shapes and sizes. Targeting and fully operational in the European and UK markets, Kidbrooke works with wealth managers, financial advisors, FinTechs, banks and financial institutions as clients.

Today, the Kidbrooke team carries on creating technology improving financial decision-making processes for millions of consumers through Kidbrooke’s banking and insurance clients, driven by the corporate vision of a world where everyone can make educated financial decisions.


Our APIs power digital wealth offerings across a wide variety of financial institutions; from established incumbent banks and insurers to aspiring FinTechs.


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  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Brokers/Broker-Dealers
  • Digital Wealth Manager
  • Financial Advisors

Kidbrooke Solutions

OutRank Pension Planning

Historically, a generous defined benefit provision coupled with robust social welfare afforded a more passive approach to pension planning. Now, as average/final salary schemes continue to recede, there is a much greater personal imperative on accumulators to ensure that our lifestyles are protected in our golden years. In the UK financial advice......

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OutRank Credit and Mortgage Analytics

Kidbrooke's OutRank provides easy-to-use, high-quality analytics guiding your customers through the complexities of taking out mortgages and other loans. Our collection of APIs helps banks, insurers and FinTechs to build reliable digital journeys enabling individual consumers to evaluate credit decisions in a uniquely holistic context. A 360-degree view powered by......

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OutRank Economic Scenario Generator

Kidbrooke’s Economic Scenario Generator is an API that enables a spectrum of firms to model possible future states of the global economy and capital markets to drive a wide range of portfolio and risk management decisions. Our combined expertise in risk and technology has allowed us to develop a world-class......

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OutRank Holistic Financial Planning

Wealth management services have traditionally been reserved for the more fortunate in society relying as they do on highly skilled labour, decades of experience and meticulous adherence to regulatory standards. However, technology now empowers asset managers to rewire their business models in order to provide high-quality, consistent financial advice to......

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OutRank Short-to-Medium Term Savings

Whether you need to build a fully digital investment advice service, a savings guidance journey, or to support your physical advisors with consistent, compliant and research-based analytics, our APIs provide the means to do so. OutRank enables financial institutions to produce cost-efficient and scalable investment experiences that equip your customers......

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