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The first Product Relationship Management as-a-service platform

A great solution addresses an obvious problem that is still unseen by most

Kore is the first ever Product Management-as-a-Service platform for the financial services industry.

Our set of digital tools provides a controlled environment for creating, managing, and monitoring all types of financial products and services, whether they are offered to consumers or businesses, in every segment of the industry.

Kore provides financial institutions with a clear picture of their products at any one point in their lifecycle and with an effective way for all employees to interact with products 24/7, wherever they are.

Products can be traditional offerings (such as banking products, insurance policies, funds, and investments, or new services (such as digital banking and crypto investments), or non-traditional services such as digital services. Kore places a strong emphasis on research and development, dedicating substantial resources to ensure that our platform remains aligned with client needs, regulatory changes, and tech innovation. It has been designed by expert practitioners and tested in complex organisations. It can be integrated with existing technology infrastructures and supports new generation APIs and AI. Hosted in the Cloud, it is accessible via desktop and mobile portals.

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Achieving Consumer Duty compliance

Client Engagement & Management, Client Marketing & Prospecting, Compliance & Regulation


Kore Labs: Product Relationship Management App

Portfolio & Wealth Management Systems, Software Development & Management, Technology Implementation & Management



Kore offers modular digital applications, with no-code configurability

  • KoreCatalogue - 360 view for each product and a single view of the entire product set, including both technical/not-technical data. A controlled environment leveraging a sophisticated rule engine, KoreCatalogue is permissions based, easy to use, and it enhances efficiency and transparency. Can act as a golden source, hosting data directly and/or connecting to internal and external data sources.
  • KoreGovernance - Captures the entire history of a product – from idea to retirement. All events, actions, decisions, records and documents are stored securely in a uniform format and are retrievable at the touch of a button. It connects the business in real-time. Includes a modular set of digital tools to support employees in their domain specific activities. Tasks are simplified and manual processes are minimised. Alerts, controls and notifications protects users from human errors and support deadline management
  • KoreInsight - A straightforward platform for employees to monitor both products and processes. It includes dashboards, reports and analytics. It is highly configurable, API-ready and enriched by AI/ML algorithms. Includes an automatic audit trail of all activities.


As a SaaS platform, Kore injects efficiency, transparency, and clarity into product management. It liberates professionals from manual processes, offers intelligent insights for decision-making, and provides embedded compliance and peace of mind. It also creates an inevitable pull towards a simplified product proposition, easier to access and evaluate by consumers, especially the most vulnerable.

Its capability to digitise financial product management reduces costs, mitigates regulatory risks, and accelerates time to market -- improving the overall client experience. Kore empowers product managers to do a better job and provides assurance to senior managers and boards on topics that are invisible to many of them today. This benefits businesses, consumers and society as a whole.

Seamless Integration
KorePRM® s turnkey technology offers no-code configuration that can match any product, process, or corporate structure, and the modular design means low-cost implementation. The software is built to be easily configured to a firm’s specific needs and it is rapidly scalable in line with

Kore is easy to integrate into existing system architectures and external technologies:

  • There is no need for organisations to update their existing systems or data sources to use Kore.
  • Integration with most legacy systems is optional because Kore’s digital layer sits above existing technology whilst providing a centralised control room for products.
  • Our platform does not interfere with existing data containers and systems, but over time some of these may become redundant.

Key Data

  • Licence
Implementation Methods
  • Hosted (public cloud)
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
Client Regional Presence
  • Western Europe

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