Solution introduction

Implement continuous compliance management within the organization as a business as usual process to ensure oversight and regulatory compliance

Establish and manage the "culture of compliance" within the organization with easy to use forms, attestations, training and reporting through web based / tablet enabled / mobile solution that can be accessed anytime / anywhere by staff and manage all the processes needed to be in compliance

Ensure that the organization is in compliance to all the regulatory requirements by keeping track of regulation, centrally administering policies and procedures to address the regulations, providing forms for the staff to report and take approvals for various activities including pre-trade requests, private placement requests, gifts, political contributions, their outside business activities, conduct ongoing monitoring with a compliance calendar and record findings, conduct regulatory reviews, identify risks and manage their mitigation, conduct trade monitoring and conflicts of interest through a standard, easy to use system. Get the staff to attest that they will follow the compliance processes and train them to understand their roles and responsibilities and manage organization change with changes in the regulations. Provide books and records for audits and examinations without costs and proof the "culture of compliance" with ease.

The platform is ready to use from day one, reducing costs and increasing value in the organization to create an immediate return on investment and at the same time allowing for a full growth path with the same system.

The GRACE platform is built on an industry-standard Oracle stack and can be deployed on-premises (where Oracle is available), in the cloud, and in private/hybrid certified cloud environments.

Our cloud-based offering is available in multiple jurisdictions, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and throughout the European Union, ensuring that data remains within the customer's jurisdiction to meet regulatory and end-customer needs. Data privacy, data protection, security, reliability, and availability are taken seriously and have been designed into the product from the ground, up.

You can grow GRACE to internal and external users and outsourced entities. You can also collaborate with your service providers, vendors and others in a seamless way to include the entire ecosystem. GRACE's multi-lingual capabilities enable you to deploy it worldwide. You can integrate to your source systems and enhance its capability to make it your own system.

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