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Identify clients and HNW individuals in minutes

The world's first lead generation platform for individuals

With over 175 search variables within our people search functionality, mnAI allows users to easily identify new clients, high net worth individuals and people of influence across all UK sectors and industries in minutes without manual research.

View in-depth insight into individuals that include their directorships, shareholdings, connections and networks to help provide you the information to perform actionable decisions.

  • Advanced search function
    Our person search facility has 175+ variables, allowing you to find and research individuals who meet your exact criteria quickly and easily
  • Natural language
    We’ve processed millions of websites, company profiles and business directory entries to create the first, true, natural language key word search facility.
  • Master records
    We’ve amalgamated millions of disparate directorial and shareholder profiles, increasing the depth and level of records in ways not previously seen.
  • Networks
    Our AI maps all known co-officer appointments and shareholdings and visualises these networks to provide powerful insight into individual backgrounds, behaviour and performance.
  • Know your customer
    Get the complete picture of businesses related to the individual, from competitor, peers and colleagues to cap tables and financials, understanding their landscape quickly and efficiently.
  • Contact details
    Quickly and easily identify the right methods of communication to reach your target.
  • List building
    Generate watchlists and establish funnels based on your specific criteria .
  • Scale
    Discover actionable insights and trends hidden within the financial, governance and online profiles of more than 37m individuals on a national basis.

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