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Nod is a natural language artificial intelligence platform helping businesses in the financial advice and accounting industries to transform how they serve clients

Our mission is to remove all barriers to amazing human connection

We advocate for a world where machines don't replace people, they help them find each other. Our business has been built on the fundamental belief that great advice can change a life and we ought to build platforms to make it easier for people to get advice when they need it.

Our software platform makes it easy for clients to connect with their advisers from wherever they are, and produces compliant documents for financial advisers and accountants in realtime to help them get the advice to their client as efficiently as possible, delighting them along the way.

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Realise serious savings Save up to 90% on SoA production costs. Grow your business instead. More time for clients SoAs are produced in seconds. Spend more time with clients. Ensure compliance Use your own approved SoA structure, template and language. Spend less money on compliance.   ...

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