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Third Floor, 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE, United Kingdom

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Opus Una works collaboratively with its clients to deliver change and accelerate growth. We are experienced, delivery-focused individuals who combine deep industry skills with consulting discipline.

We are different because:

  • We are experienced, our team doesn’t learn on your time

  • Our core team has a blend of consulting and practitioner experience. We understand theory and combine that with our practical experience

  • Where appropriate, we will ‘fractional resource’ in order to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solution

  • We are realistic about our limitations. We partner where it makes sense

  • By applying business knowledge, experience, low overheads and strong project management we remove friction and wastage. This allows us to deliver a premium service at non-premium rates     

We have three core services:

  • Consulting: We advise participants in the wealth management ecosystem

  • Engineering: A full service, low cost , high quality, off-shore engineering capability

  • Expert Laser: On-demand pinpoint expertise (Laser Consult) and coaching (Laser Coach)

Wealthtech examined. What does the future hold?

Business Strategy & Advisory, Digital (Robo) Investing, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Who may benefit from the wealth management services? Where are the main opportunities for the industry? What will the next generation of robo-advisors look like? To give you the answers, Mike (Michał) Lisewski......

Opus Una: Collaboration in wealth management technology - current examples of collaboration and what the future holds

Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Opus Una: Collaboration in wealth management technology - why it is important and how to make it work

Client Engagement & Management, Proposition Design, Development & Delivery, Technology Evaluation & Selection, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Opus Una: On disruption in the wealth management sector

Proposition Design, Development & Delivery, Technology Strategy & Consulting


The changing face of financial services: Disruption or evolution?

Business Strategy & Advisory, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Opus Una: Challenges and opportunities faced by UK wealth managers

Compliance & Regulation, Compliance & Regulatory Services


Opus Una: An introduction to Opus Una

Business Strategy & Advisory, Proposition Design, Development & Delivery, Technology Strategy & Consulting


Business Overview

Consulting – Our advisory service for participants in the wealth management ecosystem is focused on:

  • Product development & governance – We advise on all aspects of the product lifecycle from ideation to post-launch. We build new products, services and businesses. We can help you to optimise your processes and governance to improve commercial outcomes.

  • Project management – We bring lead and SME resources to deliver complex business transformation across wealth management

  • Strategy – is focused on helping scale-ups in the wealth management space to accelerate their growth. We help our clients with customer, product and distribution strategy. We design business models and will support you in developing a business plan and pitch to support your fund-raising activity.

Engineering – Opus Una Engineering is focused on providing off-shore development services to small and medium-sized organisations that require turn-key development capacity at affordable rates but without the levels of risk traditionally associated with off-shore delivery



Our strategic partners include:

Key Data

Year founded
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Brokers/Broker-Dealers
  • Digital Wealth Manager
  • Family Offices
  • Financial Advisors

Opus Una Solutions

Engineering - Turbo Traction

Investors want to see traction and know that their money will be spent wisely. Working technology and a clear product validation path are critical. Prototype vs POC vs MVP is an important early-stage decision. A well-presented articulation of the business model is also key. Few early stage firms have all......

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Expert Laser – Laser Coach (Masterclasses)

Our Masterclass format: Virtual interactive classroom sessions 10-15 company participants per class or arrange a bespoke private agenda All sessions followed by ‘clinic’ to get answers to your specific questions and pain points Access to support guides and templates on each class topic, available post-completion 1 hour complementary consultancy follow up session with our experts......

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Expert Laser - Laser Consult

The problem we’re solving: Start-ups and Early Stage companies often require pin-point ‘one-off’ external expertise Where this expertise can’t be filled by board ‘advisors’, there is a knowledge gap Typically, when firms require additional external expertise in key areas they use consultants Where the insight/expertise required is very specific, larger firms can use ‘expert......

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FinTech Strategy

We have taken the skills, experience, knowledge-base and networks developed through our consulting business to create a proposition to support our growing FinTech client base. We can help you to: Market Identify clients, competitors and addressable markets Use our network to get the ‘inside track’. Our specialist Wealth Management research partners support our......

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Off-shore Engineering

Huge opportunities exist for small or scaling companies to take advantage of new and highly skilled software engineering resource pools in low-cost locations. However, major barriers and logistical challenges exist for companies without dedicated technology management teams or those which lack experience or the necessary bandwidth to source and manage remote......

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Product Development & Governance

Successful product development requires a deep understanding of the firm’s strategy and operations, technical product expertise, excellent project management skills, a sound understanding of risk management, laser-focus on client outcomes and robust product governance to be in place. Product governance itself extends beyond developing policy, process and frameworks. How these are embedded into......

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Project Management

We are experts in business transformation. Our resources have learned their consulting craft at some of the world’s best known consultancies. They have also worked ‘in-house’ as practitioners in top tier banks and wealth managers. We believe that this blend of consulting discipline and practitioner experience is a key determinant......

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