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The key to conversations on risk - discussing financial goals

By Laurent Lamblin, Head of Marketing and Communication, everyoneINVESTED

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by Ortec Finance
| 28/02/2024 16:00:00

Risk is often seen as complex and intimidating when it comes to investing. Yet, our latest research reveals a transformative approach: discussing financial goals is a highly accessible entry point for clients to engage with risk. This low-hurdle strategy is effective and welcomed, with most clients tending to agree or strongly agree that this method simplifies the conversation.

Financial goals as a gateway to understanding risk 
Traditionally, conversations about risk involve percentages, complex models, and often a barrage of financial jargon that can be off-putting for many clients. However, clients find engaging much easier when the dialogue shifts toward achieving their financial goals. This goal-oriented discourse provides a tangible and relatable context for understanding risk, making the abstract concept more concrete and personalised.  

The profiling difference: the role of advisers
Interestingly, while factors such as age, gender, experience, and even general attitudes toward risk or loss show minimal differentiation in how clients approach these conversations, one element stands out: being profiled. This indicates not only the presence of an adviser but also reflects a more personalised advisory process. Having an adviser is the pivotal experience that demystifies the nuances of risk, tailoring the conversation to the individual’s unique situation and objectives. 

Digital profiling: the efficient precursor to meaningful discussions 
Incorporating digital profiling into this conversational approach elevates its effectiveness while addressing cost-efficiency concerns. By leveraging digital tools to initiate the client’s journey into understanding and articulating their clients’ behaviour, financial institutions can lay the groundwork for more impactful discussions with relationship managers and advisers. 

This preliminary digital engagement is not just about streamlining the process—it is about enriching the subsequent advisory experience. Clients come to the table better informed and with a clearer vision of their financial situation and behaviour, enabling a more focused and substantive dialogue.  

Relationship managers can immediately engage in more profound, value-added conversations informed by data-driven insights, ensuring that each interaction is efficient and personalised. This proactive preparation means less time is spent on information gathering and more on strategy development and personal advisement, transforming the client-adviser relationship into a dynamic partnership primed for success. 

“Good profiling guides the initial allocation and the ongoing management of an advised portfolio.”  

Synergising behavioural insights to enhance client satisfaction 
Both the profiling methodology of everyoneINVESTED and the goals-based methodology of Ortec Finance are rooted in behavioural finance. This is not a goal, pun intended, but merely underscores why they are perfectly compatible—everyoneINVESTED maps clients' risk preferences more accurately and in more detail than standard practice. At the same time, Ortec Finance uses these client data to build an initial portfolio and manage it on an ongoing basis wholly aligned with the client’s preferences. 

The combo of behavioural profiling and goals-based portfolio management provides advisors with client-centric guidance to manage the relationship. And clients feel engaged indeed. Our survey allows us to group clients per financial institution, provided the participant shares that information anonymously. Participants serviced by institutions that apply Ortec Finance solutions report higher client satisfaction. 

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