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OPAL Platform

With OPAL's Goals-Based Planning Solution, we aim to translate client’s financial goals into an optimal investment strategy reflecting their personal ambitions, cash flows and risk appetite. Additionally, Ortec’s solution links investment portfolios to financial goals and tracks the progress over time on a daily basis, based on actual portfolio values...

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by Ortec Finance
| 15/04/2020 12:00:00

Helping clients plan for their financial goals adds value, increases client satisfaction with client retention and revenue as a result. For some clients, a traditional financial plan may be required, but in order to help all of your clients, you will need efficient and automated tools that facilitate accessible goal-based planning and portfolio advice.

Planning is just the start, as any plan can become outdated and even irrelevant when circumstances change. As clients demand more value for the fees that you charge, being able to monitor your client’s goals and signal timely ‘course corrections’ is the ultimate means to show your added value as an advisor.

So, how can you provide high quality, client-centric, and scalable planning solutions for 100% of your clients?

Download the whitepaper and read how we break down the solution into three key parts.

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