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OPAL - Goal-based financial planning, investment decision support and monitoring

Globally, OPAL is a leading solution in jurisdictions where regulation such as the Retail Distribution Review and MiFID II has had a significant impact on the wealth management sector. By leveraging the company’s institutional investment risk management expertise of using top-notch calculations as the core of the solution, OPAL enables financial institutions to translate personal goals of their clients into an optimal financial plan and monitor these goals over time.

The OPAL Platform offers a goal-based financial planning and investment decision support tool that meets the needs of different business models as well as a wide range of online advice propositions. OPAL platform facilitates all stages of the advisory process from client intake and risk-profiling, to automated advice and optimization and (online) client reporting and proactive monitoring. Functionality is offered through advanced calculation and optimization APIs as well as a full UI (User interface) for the advisor. The OPAL platform is implemented in different countries and offers multiple languages, multi currencies, multiple tax regimes and country specific products.


OPAL is founded on Asset Liability Management (ALM) methodologies from the institutional market. These methodologies are based on our advanced economic scenarios used worldwide by institutional investors. The renowned, high-quality scenario models of Ortec Finance are also applied to individual investors, in what we call Private ALM. The liabilities are the personal goals of the client. The economic scenarios are used to give insight into the risk of capital development and also in the risk of income and cash flows. This methodology and integrated approach makes OPAL truly unique. By generating thousands of economic scenarios you can gain a clear and realistic insight into the development of the capital and even the cash flows of the client and give holistic insight into risk and return (including the cash flow risks) instead of just relying on the standard risk profiles based on traditional questionnaires. In client communication you are able to give a clear picture of the feasibility of achieving one or multiple personal goals, these insights improve the decision-making of the client significantly. 

OPAL Platform consists of the following (optional) modules. All modules can be delivered either with a user interface or as an API.

  • OPAL Goal Based Financial Planner
    OPAL Goal Based Financial Planner is a cross-channel tool which offers a holistic overview of a customer’s future financial situation. OPAL streamlines the entire (advisory) process and integrates cash flow planning and wealth planning. The approach helps to determine the right advice and optimal asset allocation for a client. The probability of achieving the client’s financial goals is central in this process. High-quality scenario projections continuously show the effects of investment decisions, changes in a client’s financial situation and market developments on the feasibility of these goals. Clear visual aids help clients and advisors better understand their options and improve decision-making significantly. This module includes OPAL Wealth Planner module functionality.

  • OPAL Wealth Planner
    OPAL Wealth Planner is a cross-channel tool that focuses on the client’s investment portfolio. High-quality scenario projections continuously show the effects of investment decisions, changes in a client’s financial situation and market developments on the feasibility of these goals. Clear visual aids help clients and advisors better understand their options and improve decision-making significantly. 

  • OPAL Monitor
    With OPAL Monitor the client’s financial situation and goals are automatically managed and monitored. Continuous monitoring of the risk, return and financial goals for individual clients as well as the entire client base allows for proactive and more efficient client management. OPAL Monitor makes integral risk management in the advisory processes a reality.

OPAL user interface and API delivery models
The OPAL modules as outlined above can be delivered with an user interface (designed for financial advisors) or through an API. The OPAL API can be integrated into existing client platforms, portals or other third-party systems, with the OPAL Engine serving as the central calculation engine to ensure uniformity and consistency across client segments and channels. With the data services API, the data from the OPAL API can be directly translated to the OPAL UI for a hybrid Omni channel approach. 


We have a "multiple" goal-based approach, which means that we can not only combine one goal with one account (‘mental accounting’), multiple goals on 1 account, but also one goal related to multiple accounts and multiple goals related to multiple accounts. We also take the priority and timing of goals into account in optimising the best solution for the feasibility of goals. We can localize the solution by modelling currencies, taxes, local products, local language. The following countries are currently full localised for OPAL: Netherlands, UK, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Canada


We work with leading partners to offer you the most advanced solutions. Our software can be seamlessly integrated with partner applications. 

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OPAL Platform

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