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Data-first investment management.

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eXeer acts as an investment managers ‘data keystone’, it delivers three core capabilities. One, it collects, controls and secures investment and market data from underlying custodians, platforms, AIFMS, direct investments, real estate and specialist market data providers. Two, it enables users to make intelligence-led decisions by understanding their data, and connects them...

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by Point Group
| 10/11/2023 08:30:00

In this short paper, Point Group’s Head of System, Vahid Mesri, explains the thinking behind eXeer, our investment data intelligence platform.

At Point Group, we focus on our clients’ data, enabling them to unlock it is value through aggregation, analysis, visualisation and sharing. This ‘data first’ approach underpins everything we do.

In this short paper, our Head of System Development, Vahid Mesri, discusses the thinking behind our data intelligence platform, eXeer.

“Instead of relegating data to the background, we position it at the forefront, emphasising its primacy”.

Click on the image below to read more, and discover the parallels between eXeer and the story of the Library of Babel...