Solution introduction

Aggregation. Analysis. Visualisation. Integration.

The eXeer platform places data at the centre of the investment manager by aggregating, analysing and visualising multiple sources of data to create a single source of investment truth.

eXeer acts as an investment managers ‘data keystone’, it delivers three core capabilities.

  • One, it collects, controls and secures investment and market data from underlying custodians, platforms, AIFMS, direct investments, real estate and specialist market data providers.
  • Two, it enables users to make intelligence-led decisions by understanding their data, and connects them with it via a suite of intuitive digital reporting tools.
  • Three, eXeer facilitates the integration of family office tech stacks, providing the capability for users to create customized, modular and agile operating models.


eXeer provides managers with the following:

One: Data Aggregation.
eXeer automates data collection from custodians, alternative investment managers,
platforms and market data providers. As the business grows and the proposition
develops, eXeer integrates new data feeds as and when required.

Two: Technology Integration.
eXeer facilitates the integration of existing tech stacks and the inclusion of new
technologies enabling managers to create an operating platform tailored to match their
exact needs. Managers can adapt their tech stack as their businesses needs change over
time by adding new capabilities such as PMS/OMS, onboarding platforms, CRM/CLM
solutions, portfolio optimization and risk tools. eXeer enables managers to embed 3rd
party financial products alongside their own to create unique value propositions.

Three: Data Analysis.
eXeer's core analytics engine is the key component of eXeer and acts as the investment
platform’s analytical brain. The engine provides users with a ‘single source of data truth’
and consists of three elements:
- Element One: Data Warehouse: For the storage of raw and analytics data. Provides data
for client engagement and integration with for client engagement and integration with
3rd party systems.
- Element Two: IBOR: the users' Investment Book of Record. Providing Transactions,
Security Master, Market Data, Valuations.
- Element Three: Analytics Engine: Performance. Performance contribution attribution.

Four: Client Engagement.
Our suite of client engagement tools allowing users to support your face-to-face communications with intuitive adaptable and flexible channels. Including PDF reporting and digital channels. 

Five: Business Engagement:
Providing teams with intuitive digital experiences, the tools to engage their clients and the intelligence needed to make swift, accurate and reliable business decisions.


One: Getting the data right. eXeer focuses on the collection, management and exploitation of data from multiple ‘Sources of Record’. We get the data right, so our clients business's and clients can make timely, intelligence-led decisions. 

Two: Engaging the end client. eXeer delivers accurate, automatically generated reporting and intuitive digital user experiences. It supports the development of deep manager-client relationships complementing face-to-face engagements with intuitive digital experiences.

Three: Consolidated Reporting: eXeer provides clarity over multiple portfolios and asset classes from multiple managers. It delivers consolidated reporting, risk and total wealth analysis and oversight to clients of all sizes. 

Four: Scale: eXeers enables automation across the investment management process. Supports quicker decision making. Provides the foundation to support more client numbers without growing headcount. eXeers facilitates embedded finance. 

Five: Flexibility. eXeers allows managers to access the right mix of tech and data tools when they need it, as their business's develops. 

Six: De-risk. eXeer reduces clients' dependency on key individuals in their organisations, removes high risk, low-value manual activities, focuses their people on clients and on developing competitive advantage.


eXeer provides a data keystone to all investment managers whether they are starting up, scaling up, digitizing operations or launching new business lines. Suitable for single and multi-family offices, discretionary managers and private banks.

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  • Financial Advisors
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