Solution introduction

“Progress is impossible without change.” George Bernhard Shaw

Coming up with a new solution for a business problem is only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface lies the remaining 90 percent – the transformation and implementation work that makes the new approach stick in the organisation. Only then, the desired impact on profit and growth can be realised. Still, many companies underestimate the effort that is necessary to really transform their organisation. It is sometimes tedious work, and it takes a lot of time. But it is worthwhile.

At Simon-Kucher, our biggest pride is the success of our clients. We are not afraid of getting measured by the impact of our projects, and we value long-time partnerships. That is why we accompany our clients throughout the entire transformation process, seamlessly bringing in our experts for the various implementation topics and always ensuring continuity in the team. Until the work is done.

We see the transformation of an organisation as a comprehensive task that goes way beyond providing some training to the client. Transformation can only take place once a new approach is hardwired in all processes and IT systems, once the mindsets have changed, and once the new way of doing things has become habit and routine. To achieve this, we liaise with all stakeholders, hierarchical levels and departments that need to be involved, and we make sure that everyone in the organisation keeps the big picture in mind.

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