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SLIB offers a wide range of software solutions to assist all post-trade activities. These tools, included in the SLIB Clearing & Settlement Suite, enable you to securely monitor the whole processing chain up to the final transactions settlement: from Client/market matching to the comprehensive management of settlement instructions.

The SLIB Clearing & Settlement Suite includes a set of products particularly suited to the requirements of the following lines of businesses:

  • Broker dealer
  • Individual Clearer
  • Global Clearer
  • Investment Bank

Key benefits

  • Monitoring of information from CCP, in direct or indirect mode, and management of the various algorithms of netting (CNS, SDN, TDN)
  • Monitoring of clearing positions at different levels of aggregation
  • The system design is based on the international standards for exchanging settlement instructions (ISO 15022 and soon 20022)
  • SWIFT compliant management of the various settlement parties
  • Multi-depositary management of client accounts
  • Provisional management of the settlement securities
  • Multiple parties supported
  • Automated reconciliation of positions
  • Help functions to solve the matching differences

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