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Solution introduction

T-Advisor is a suite of advanced wealth management tools to monitor your personal finances and take decisions to improve them and avoid risks

T-Advisor makes everyone his own asset manager. This is the self-directed investment experience. We provide you the best professional tools and the most up-to-date data. You take the best decisions with them to meet your personal goals

1. Build

  • Portfolio manager
    Improve your investments with our advanced financial tool.
  • T-report
    The high-quality analysis of any holding.
  • Investment planner
    Seven different goals to meet you investment objectives.
  • Optimiser
    A professional feature to improve the portfolio performance.

2. Monitor

  • Portfolio watchlist
    Create your own list of different assets.
  • Alerts
    Receive relevant notifications on your positions.

3. Find

  • Investment opportunities
    Discover a selection of interesting securities to improve your portfolio.
  • Model portfolios
    Discover and copy our model portfolios based on our quant methodology.

4. Share

  • Financial community
    Share and exchange views on your investments.
  • Gaming finances
    Be ready to overcome various financial challenges.

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