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WealthTech Views Report: DLT & Blockchain 2022 - now LIVE!

A collection of industry viewpoints focused on DLT & Blockchain and how they are shaping the future of wealth & asset management

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 14/04/2022 06:00:00

Featuring contributions from Aave, ALT-AVE, Arab Bank Switzerland,, CryptoIndexSeries, DeFi Technologies, FiCAS, FundsDLT, Global Digital Finance (GDF), Metaco and PwC

The 2022 edition of our WealthTech Views DLT & Blockchain report is now finally LIVE on TWM! The first edition of this report, How DLT & Blockchain are Shaping the Future of Asset & Wealth Management, was launched in November 2020 and, undoubtedly, the interest and activity in this area has grown significantly since. The market continues to move apace. Time, therefore, for a second edition of this report to look further into the impact of these trends on the industry.

In this second edition of our report, we again profile a series of solution providers in this space, their offerings to the market and their thought leaders including Lawrence Wintermeyer, Executive Co-Chair of Global Digital Finance (GDF), a non-profit industry membership body promoting the adoption of best practices for Digital Assets and Digital Finance technologies; and from Dr. Guenther Dobrauz, Partner and Leader of PwC Legal Switzerland and a long-time proponent of `the future is decentralized`.

This report has been compiled in partnership by:

Dr. Efi Pylarinou - a Global Fintech & Tech Influencer and an ex-Wall Street professional focused on building bridges between the traditional and the new economy.

The Wealth Mosaic - a digital solution provider directory and knowledge resource built for a changing and technology-enabled wealth management marketplace.

In addition, this report will be co-distributed by Global Digital Finance (GDF), a non-profit association advocating and accelerating the adoption of best practices for Digital Assets.

Click the image below to access and download the full report.

The main trends outlined in this report 

  • Institutional-grade custody of Digital Assets is one of the more mature subsectors with a plethora of tech solutions, far superior to those available for retail.
  • Similarly, there are increasingly more tech stack offerings for traditional institutions (banks, brokers, asset managers, etc.) to create new businesses with the digital asset class.
  • Retail banks and private banks are steadily adding digital asset related services, typically starting with custody services for their clients and moving into asset management.
  • The growth of the investment product range of traditional wrappers (ETP, ETNs, and AMCs with ISINs) providing exposure to cryptocurrencies, continues. The difference is that we are seeing more actively managed strategies, more competitive offerings in the passive ones, and more customized structured products.
  • The institutional demand for DeFi has led to the launch of the first permissioned compliant Defi Protocol that operates by white-listing users.
  • The deployment of DLT as an infrastructure to issue and distribute financial securities (fixed income, fund structures, private securities, etc.) has started happening.

Thanks to the report’s contributor firms: Aave, ALT/ AVE, Arab Bank Switzerland, Copper, CryptoIndexSeries, DeFi Technologies, FiCAS, FundsDLT, GDF, Metaco and PwC.