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TWM recognises that solution providers are facing increasing challenges to be able reach, engage and do business with participants in the wealth management sector, given the ongoing levels of change, demands and innovation across the market. Considering this backdrop, TWM has a range of marketing subscriptions that offers solution providers a platform to support: Exposure...

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 25/03/2019 12:00:00

Supported by a constantly growing resource of almost 800 content pieces, The Wealth Mosaic is creating a unique and informative resource to support the business needs of both wealth managers and solution providers to the sector

London, March 25th, 2019 – The Wealth Mosaic (TWM), the unique marketplace directory of solution providers, solutions and content focused on the business needs of wealth managers across the world, is pleased to announce that it’s curated, research-led resource has surpassed 1,000 solution provider profiles and is fast approaching 3,000 individual solution profiles, all relevant to the business needs of wealth managers.

With the TWM team adding between 20 and 30 news business profiles to the platform each week from its growing research-led process, the depth of its marketplace directory will continue to grow and evolve in terms of the options for content creation, insights and market knowledge. Additionally, the resource will continue to evolve and deepen as both a desktop research tool for wealth managers and a core knowledge resource for the industry.

As the platform and its base of profiles and content grows, the TWM team will evolve its directory taxonomy, structure and user experience to support the ease with which wealth managers are able to discover, understand and engage the profiles and content that is relevant for them. Whether by business need, wealth manager type, solution provider capabilities, geography or other filter types, the platform will further evolve as a directory-led resource to meet the wealth management industry’s needs.

"The wealth management sector is changing, more so than it has ever done before and, critically, the industry is no longer the driver and director of much of the change it faces. In this environment, we fully believe that the wealth management sector globally faces a true opportunity rather than a threat, but it must recognise, engage with and adapt to the environment around it to retain relevance and pursue its opportunity," said Stephen Wall, Co-Founder and Head of Marketplace & Content at The Wealth Mosaic. "We also fundamentally see a greater need and role for the growing number of products and services from third-party solution providers that exist to support the business needs of the industry. Wealth managers must understand and engage more with a broad range of these businesses. To do that, however, they need a core, focused and accessible resource access that marketplace. That is one core reason as to why we are building The Wealth Mosaic – we are uncovering the solution provider ecosystem, putting it all in one place and building content and resources around that so wealth managers have a one-stop-shop to discover, understand and engage whenever needed."

About The Wealth Mosaic
The Wealth Mosaic (TWM) is a curated, research-led marketplace directory of solution providers and solutions, all relevant to the business needs of wealth managers across the globe. Built with a specific focus on a changing wealth management sector, the TWM marketplace directory consists of thousands of business and solution profiles categorised against a dedicated taxonomy to support their discovery and engagement. For wealth managers, TWM is designed to support their need to be able to more easily and efficiently discover the solutions and solution providers that are increasingly relevant to the needs of their business. For solution providers, TWM is about supporting their positioning, exposure and business development needs in a more complex world. Together, TWM is aimed at narrowing the knowledge gap between the buyers (wealth management firms) and sellers (solution providers) and supporting them to connect and do business. To support and drive that, TWM is a building a deep content resource around the directory and a set of tools and services (online and offline) to help both sides better navigate, connect and understand the dynamic marketplace in which they work.

Stephen Wall
Co-Founder, Head of Marketplace & Content
The Wealth Mosaic
+44 770 447 3665


Our structure and directory numbers
The Wealth Mosaic is built around solution provider business and solution profiles, which are categorised/tagged to relevant Marketplaces and Business Needs, each of which is then supported by content. These are hosted in our first two live Marketplaces, Technology & Data and Consulting & Research. The below graphic highlights our Technology & Data Marketplace and the 24 Business Need categories with it.

Our Technology & Data Marketplace and its Business Needs

Our directory numbers at mid-March 2019

Geographic origin of solution providers – leading HQ geographies
In terms of the geographic origin of our solution provider directory, of the 1,045 solution provider profiles so far published and live in the platform, the leading geographies (where those businesses are headquartered) are the United States with 428 business profiles, the United Kingdom with 265, Switzerland with 101, other Western European countries with 96 and Canada with 42. All together the platform has solution provider profiles with country headquarters covering 30 countries.

In addition to the above leading countries, solution providers in the platform come from countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Singapore and Spain.

What is coming next for The Wealth Mosaic?
With a growing directory-based platform formed around solution provider business and solution profiles and backed by content, in order to further develop this resource to meet the business needs of both wealth managers and solution providers, we are working on the following elements of our business:

  • Directory growth: our research and discovery process continues to uncover new solution providers to add within our first two live Marketplaces, Technology & Data and Consulting & Research.

  • General partnerships: with events, publishing and research organisations to create further content and insights and to reach and engage a consistently wider audience.

  • BrightTALK partnership: we are now a Channel and content partner of BrightTALK, and we will use their content and demand marketing platform to host our video content and create an ongoing series of webinars that matter to the wealth management and wealth technology industries (or #WealthTech)

  • Landscape Report Series: we are completing the build and publication of our first Landscape Report, the UK Wealth Management Technology Landscape Report. Further reports will follow, taking our online directory offline and filtering it by geography, business need and other factors.

  • New services: we will increasingly service solution providers and wealth managers with a video content creation offering as well as various forms of written content support.