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Upcoming webinar: WealthTech Talks - From Agile Development to Agile Business

Taking place on Thursday, April 15th at 10am, UK-time

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 07/04/2021 14:34:55

The new challenge for enterprises, including wealth management firms, is to better respond to organisational changes and evolving customer expectations in what is a highly unpredictable environment. Becoming an agile business, as well as operating with an agile software development methodology, is a necessity as wealth managers seek to respond to the disruptive forces shaping their businesses. In a world full of constant change, only an agile mindset, framework and organizational structure will deliver sustainable advantage.

The concept of agile technology development was introduced about 15 years ago as an alternative approach to the more traditional waterfall methodology. Agile was designed to emphasise flexibility through the project lifecycle, allowing teams to react quickly to new insights or changes in the project scope. Agile involves multiple short development rounds in which, at the end of the single iteration, project stakeholders can evaluate the delivery, provide feedback and allow teams to adjust their plans as required. Beyond this, there is now a movement to extend this approach to the entire enterprise, with the idea of the agile business supporting the organization to respond to this constant demand for faster changes and greater flexibility in their response.

Hosted by The Wealth Mosaic’s Co-Founder, Stephen Wall, and featuring Josh Cogan, Associate Partner, Head of Banking, UK, at Synpulse, and Matteo de Marchi, Head of Product Innovation at InvestCloud Private Banking, this webinar will look at why wealth management firms should transition from a more traditional approach to one that is more agile, how they should do that and what to consider in doing it. The panel will discuss the factors at play in successfully moving to an agile business framework and, importantly, how an agile enterprise technology architecture will also allow for the development and delivery of an agile business framework.