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WealthTech Talks: Delivering on the Modern Demand for Hybrid Advice

Originally recorded on November 25th, 2021

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 01/12/2021 18:00:20

The arrival of robo advice into the retail wealth management space was heralded as a new era for the retail investor and as a potential death knell for the much of the traditional wealth management model, so reliant as it was on personal relationships and the human being at the heart of its delivery model. Expensive, inefficient and only for the richest was at the centre of the critique. The investor, fuelled by a new era of technology-led tools and experiences and a desire for a cheaper model, would turn away from the in-person world of the wealth management industry and jump on the burgeoning bandwagon of the digital-only robo advice market.

Of course, it hasn’t really turned out like that due to all sorts of factors but, not least, the ongoing and even rising demand from investors to have access to advice from a professional at the times when they really need it.

Mix in a wide range of themes on the wealth manager side such as cost pressures, diminishing talent pools and the cost of talent, the need to upgrade their technology infrastructure to enable both clients and advisers, heightened demand from clients (and next generation clients too) for a better technology experience, more flexible service models and even a cheaper model, and we arrive at hybrid advice.

In this live webinar, Stephen Wall, Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic, hosted John Porteous, Managing Director, Central Financial Services at Charles Stanley, Richard Caldicott, Deputy CEO, PFP & Customer & Distribution Officer at M&G Wealth, Simon Bussy, Consulting Director – Wealth at Altus, and Ton Kentgens, Country Manager, UK & Ireland at aixigo to discuss hybrid advice. The panel was asked to cover what it means and why it is relevant, the backdrop to its arrival in the market, the challenges wealth managers face in adopting it successfully and the opportunities that open up if they can, the technology and other elements involved in making it work.