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WealthTech Talks: Meeting Evolving HNW Client Expectations in Wealth Management

Originally recorded on the March 15th, 2022

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 15/03/2022 10:25:00

Expectations continue to evolve among high-net worth (HNW) investors and, for wealth management, this has a potentially significant bearing on their client relationships (and, frankly, advisors and staff too). There is a change around the industry in terms of who the client is, how they how are discovered, what they want from wealth management and the experience they expect. Whether wealth managers are in touch with the changing nature of HNW client expectations is to be seen but, one thing is for sure, Covid-19 and other elements have continued to change expectations and wealth managers must adapt or face the consequences. Whether related to product, service, delivery, pricing, culture, people, technology or another expect of the wealth management experience, the modern wealth management client has a different set of expectations of their wealth manager and if those expectations are not understood or, worse, not met, then those clients are at risk or going elsewhere to find a provider that does meet their expectations.

In this live webinar, Stephen Wall, Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic aimed to dig into this topic with panelists Christine Ciriani, CEO, Private Banking & Wealth at InvestCloud, Rowan Jackson, Co-Founder & Chairman of Promising Outcomes. Stephen asked Christine and Rowan to update us on what we mean by client expectations, to provide an insight into what the modern HNW wealth management client does expect of their wealth managers and how that has changed due to Covid-19 and other factors, what this means for the wealth management firm and how they respond. Whether through people, technology, culture or more, we will get into the weeds of how a wealth management business can meet the changing expectations of its current and potential HNW client base.