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WealthTech Talks: Reshaping The Onboarding Experience In Wealth Management

Originally recorded on May 17th, 2022

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 26/05/2022 13:51:27

In this webinar, hosted by Stephen Wall, Founder of The Wealth Mosaic, the panel (Dominic Snell, Chief Product Officer at Wealth Dynamix, Cedric Neuville, Director of Pre-Sales and Consulting Europe at Wealth Dynamix and Philippe Malinowski, CPO at Neuroprofiler) dive into the topic of digital onboarding in Wealth Management.

The panel explores people, process, and technology as they highlight what defines the leaders in this area. With 30 years of combined experience the experts will give you the benefit of their hindsight. Whether you are considering your options or already underway with your own digital transformation of the onboarding process – watch this webinar to see if you’re on track for success.