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WealthTech Talks: Wealth Management Client Empathy: Creating Personal Experiences to Drive Engagement

Originally recorded on the March 24th, 2022

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 30/03/2022 11:55:35

Traditionally, client experience in wealth management was driven by the client-advisor relationship and, the more valuable the client, by the product offering available. Otherwise, the offering has remained fairly standardized to all clients. Outside of wealth management, however, modern technology is driving personalized experiences to the end customer regardless of wealth, product, spend or other factors. Data and digital tools are increasingly able to deliver this at scale. For wealth management to stay relevant to its target customer base in this increasingly digitalized world, and certainly to have any chance of winning the next generation of wealth holders and creators, delivering a far more personalized experience to every client, regardless of their profile, will be key.

In this webinar, we hosted a discussion on how to create and deliver the personal experiences the sector’s clients will increasingly demand based on their experience outside of wealth management. The panel discussed elements of this topic including:

  • Personalization versus personas
  • How personalization can be delivered across the wealth continuum
  • How personalization and advice can be delivered at scale (considering an advisor cannot do it all) through the combination of data, AI and technology.
  • How to incorporate the critical factor of client empathy through/with technology
  • Taking what is good from Spotify, YouTube and Netflix and applying that to wealth management
  • How to make the most of the data available and that not yet being used
  • Thinking about ecosystems and building those out (rewards, for example)

Hosted by The Wealth Mosaic’s Senior Advisor & Lead Business Development APAC, Mario A Bassi, and featuring:

This webinar breaks down the key elements of creating a strong client experience in the modern wealth management space and, critically, to ensure client empathy is core.