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WealthTech Talks: Wealth Managers, ESG and the Role of Technology

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 02/08/2021 10:38:34

The consideration of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (‘ESG’) issues is not new for wealth managers, however, in recent times it has moved from being a fringe issue to one of increased importance and a critical component of the investment offering to its clients and of general investment decision-making. The shift in attitude has been caused by a wide range of factors such as the increasing awareness of climate change, the clear benefits of a strong corporate responsibility policy and the significant impact of consumer preferences, not least in the shape of the next generation. Wealth managers must respond but, in a marketplace where technology has pushed into all corners, there must surely therefore be a role for technology in further embedding ESG into the offerings of the wealth management sector.

In this live webinar, Stephen Wall, Co-Founder of The Wealth Mosaic, hosted Christopher Ansara, Founder & CEO of London-headquartered RegTech firm ALT/AVE, Alessandro Tonchia, Head of Strategy, Private Banking & Wealth at InvestCloud, and Josh Cogan, Associate Partner, Head of Banking UK at Synpulse, to discuss all the aspects of the role of technology in bringing ESG into the wealth management sector. Whether from a regulatory, reporting, client engagement, process or other element, the panel looked at what is needed from wealth managers in this area, what technology can deliver and how to move forward to a place where the technology is fully supportive of the needs of wealth managers in offering ESG solutions to their clients.