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| 06/05/2020 12:00:00

The Swiss pioneer in technology-based research, theScreener, launches its new top-of-the-line information service for professional investors. The web-based CIO application breaks new ground in a radical way

For more than 20 years, theScreener’s research specialists have been successfully developing solutions that enable strategists, decision-makers and advisors in the investment field to do their demanding job more easily and efficiently. With its core product, LAB, and the underlying data interpretation technology, theScreener has established itself internationally as an important information provider for asset managers. This is not least due to its long term successful track record, as well as the clarity and transparency of its multidimensional multi-factor model.

The new CIO will build on this success and open up new user groups. In order to cover different investment approaches, new data aggregation options and visualization have been implemented. This allows users to navigate the system flexibly, regardless of their investment approach. Whether navigating top-down over markets, sectors and asset classes or a targeted individual company value analysis - everything is possible in the CIO.

The name says it all: In addition to portfolio and asset managers, the aim is to also address the needs of investment strategists - the CIOs.

The new CIO is available immediately. Current LAB users can use the new CIO in parallel to the previous system. Interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the CIO by means of an online demo and then put it through its paces themselves.

"Our goal was to build a bridge between very different usage profiles - on the one hand the daily business of a portfolio manager and on the other hand the strategic approach of a chief investment officer. With the CIO, we have succeeded excellently in doing this," says Andreas Lusser, CEO of theScreener. "Thanks to the intensive exchange with numerous portfolio and asset managers, as well as investment strategists, it is now possible for the first time to offer such functional breadth and depth in a single information system," Lusser continues.

theScreener The Swiss company evaluates all common shares, sectors and indices on a quantitative basis. The ratings and analysis is used by banks, asset managers, institutional investors and Internet platforms. With more than 10,000 professional terminals and over a million analysed customer deposits the company regards itself as market leader in quantitative stock analysis.