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theScreener provides independent financial analysis based on a powerful proprietary model and a broad range of financial indicators to identify investment ideas and manage downside risk. With over 6,000 companies worldwide, 15,000 funds/ETFs, 18 industry groups, 104 sectors, 44 countries and 55 indexes, evaluated twice a week, theScreener offers unparalleled...

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by theScreener
| 20/01/2021 12:00:00

Research provider, theScreener, compliments its high performing asset managerpurposed platform with Yukka Lab's real-time news analysis. For the first time, a consistent link between market events and background information can be used transparently in one system

For more than two decades, the fundamental and technical analytical capabilities of theScreener have been used internationally by banks and asset managers for investment decisions. Recent integration of Yukka Lab’s real-time news analysis enables professional users to not only screen markets according to fundamental, technical and risk factors, but also follow relevant news events and media sentiment. Their algorithm analyses and evaluates more than 500,000 news items daily from over 150,000 sources worldwide in real time using highly complex machine learning and NLP algorithms.

Thanks to their Yukka Lab partnership, theScreener now offers even more comprehensive support for investment decisions. The add-on for theScreener CIO is available now.

"Yukka Lab and theScreener are a perfect match for users. The combination of theScreener's objective and independent quantitative analysis with our real-time news analysis makes market events truly tangible and understandable for investors," said Andreas Pusch, CEO of Yukka Lab. "All this in one system is probably unique on the market at the moment," Pusch emphasizes.

Andreas Lusser, CEO at theScreener, is convinced of the benefits of Yukka Lab's real-time news analysis: "This brings a whole new quality to the investment and advisory process, because the link between the "hard facts" and the background information makes a very significant contribution to better understanding and communicating the interrelationships on the market."

Yukka Lab
Yukka Lab is a technology leader in augmented language intelligence for the financial industry. Since 2017, the company has been developing AI & NLP based applications that enable asset management, risk management and advisory users to process the rapidly growing volume of diverse financial and economic news in real time. Yukka Lab now employs more than 17 experts in Machine and Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Quant Modelling.

The Swiss company is considered one of the top research companies in the world. Its ratings and analyses are used by banks, asset managers, institutional investors, and digital platforms. With more than 10,000 professional terminals and over one million client portfolios analyzed, theScreener is a market leader in financial analysis.