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Trendrating facilitates the evolution of asset management toward higher standards of performance and control

We provide innovative analytics and technology that deliver improved returns and higher efficiency

Trendrating is a recognized leading provider of advanced analytics and technology for professional equity investors.

The founders have 25 years of expertise in models development and a successful track record of innovation. Their previous company – Brainpower went public in Frankfurt then acquired from Bloomberg. Rocco Pellegrinelli, CEO, began his career as a portfolio manager and since the beginning he has been passionate about developing and testing models.

He believes that the discipline and pragmatism coming from well-validated models can complement investment strategies and dramatically improve the performance of portfolio managers on a consistent basis. He is a proven innovator and launched Trendrating with the mission of providing professional investors with analytics and tools that can really impact returns and whose value is fully measurable. He believes that a lot of time and money is wasted consuming content, research and tools whose value is highly questionable and often not measurable. A new generation of advanced analytics and software is required to generate real benefits to active managers.

Our CTO, Sandro Bottarelli, is an expert in physics and engineering. He was formerly Chief Development Officer at Brainpower. His analytics models became the core of Bloomberg’s portfolio analytics offering. While at Bloomberg, he managed their Portfolio Analytics R&D division. He and his team work tirelessly to keep innovating what we believe is the best momentum factor model in the world.

Trendrating Solutions

Performance Management Platform

The ability to capture trends, profiting from bull markets and avoiding bear phases is the key to superior performance on a consistent basis. Investors that have a good understanding and a disciplined respect for the specific price trend of securities outperform competitors. Any investment strategy can be enhanced by a better......

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