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32 new business profiles added to our marketplace across February and March 2018

As we continue to discover and engage the solution provider ecosystem around wealth management

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 09/04/2018 12:00:00

We added a further 32 business profiles to our platform over February and March 2018. The solutions from these firms are distributed where relevant across the Business Needs categories within first two live marketplaces, Technology & Data and Consulting & Research.

In alphabetical order, the business profiles added to the site this month were:

ACTICO, AdvicePay, AI Labs, Altus Consulting, Bento, Bud Financial, Centapse, Conser Invest, Covisum, Defaqto, DiligenceVault, DISCUS, DreamQuarkElectra Information Systems, encompass corporation, Exaxe, Finocomp, FortyTwoData, Integrate, Jacobi, Kompli-Global, Oliver Wyman, ReportingSoft, Saffron Robo Services, SuperCapital, The Adviser Centre, The Lang Cat and WISekey.