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The Wealth Mosaic is proud to become a publishing partner to Raconteur’s ‘Future of Investing’ report which will feature in The Sunday Times

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by The Wealth Mosaic
| 30/05/2019 18:00:00

London, May 30th, 2019 – The Wealth Mosaic (TWM), the unique directory of solution providers, solutions and content focused on the business needs of wealth managers across the world, is pleased to announce that it has agreed a new partnership agreement with publisher Raconteur to support their special report on the ‘Future of Investing', to be published in The Sunday Times on Sunday 21st July 2019.

TWM will support Raconteur in the creation of a high profile 8-page report that will educate The Sunday Times’ audience on the future of investing, including themes such as the changing nature of the industry, why sustainable and impact investing should form a key part of that future and how the many technologies at play around the sector are creating new opportunities.

We view this is as a great opportunity for TWM to support an informative and widely distributed publication and make a real impact, and we will be encouraging our partners and subscribers to engage and take the opportunity to support the publication by contributing editorial, commercial features and/or advertising.

An editorial synopsis of the report is available below. The special report will profile a limited number of leading firms and discounted commercial options are available to all of our subscriber firms.

"The intention of TWM, on top of building the best research-led directory of solution providers and solutions to the wealth management sector, has always been not only to host and create content ourselves, but to work with partners to reach and engage a wider audience. We see opportunities such as this as a clear win-win for us, for Raconteur and for the solution providers and others in our network that want to build their profiles, leverage their knowledge and engage a wide audience," said Stephen Wall, Co-Founder and Head of Marketplace & Content at The Wealth Mosaic. "We have always been keen supporters of the quality and engaging content, high-quality content design and broad reach of Raconteur and we look forward to the opportunity to work with on the creation and delivery of their ‘Future of Investing' special report."

Please click on the image below to access and download the full press kit.

About Raconteur
Raconteur was founded on the conviction that the intelligent mass still value focused, high-quality content, expertly produced and beautifully designed. In an era when publishers are suffering from declining margins and forced to cut corners on their products, we have stubbornly gone against the tide and been resolutely committed to the strength of old publishing values such as editorship, quality long-form journalism, eye-catching design and striking photography. That’s why we obsess over cover illustrations, specialise in data journalism and infographics and only work with the most well-renowned editors, journalists and leading opinion makers – giving them the time and space to really tell stories and investigate areas in a leading way that matter in the 21st century.

Our DNA is based around passionately searching for ​‘information gaps’ that allow us to create premium products that educate audiences and broaden perspectives. A mixture of our Special Reports, website and custom publishing division, allows us to constantly apply serious thought and consideration as to how we successfully bring first-class publishing into the new media era.

Our Publishing Values and leading editorial allow us to effectively reach and influence some of the most powerful decision makers worldwide.

About The Wealth Mosaic
The Wealth Mosaic (TWM) is a curated, research-led marketplace directory of solution providers and solutions, all relevant to the business needs of wealth managers across the globe. Built with a specific focus on a changing wealth management sector, the TWM marketplace directory consists of thousands of business and solution profiles categorised against a dedicated taxonomy to support their discovery and engagement. For wealth managers, TWM is designed to support their need to be able to more easily and efficiently discover the solutions and solution providers that are increasingly relevant to the needs of their business. For solution providers, TWM is about supporting their positioning, exposure and business development needs in a more complex world. Together, TWM is aimed at narrowing the knowledge gap between the buyers (wealth management firms) and sellers (solution providers) and supporting them to connect and do business. To support and drive that, TWM is a building a deep content resource around the directory and a set of tools and services (online and offline) to help both sides better navigate, connect and understand the dynamic marketplace in which they work.

Please contact Ellen Shannon, Publishing Manager at Raconteur on:
+44 (0) 20 3877 3837