Solution introduction

Remain relevant for your customers

Secure Messenger provides an unobtrusive, asynchronous, secure manner for providing an ongoing conversation with clients

Unblu Secure Messenger helps banks to provide the WhatsApp texting experience whilst remaining compliant. Designed to meet the needs of a secure and compliant relationship manager (RM)/ client conversation and collaboration session, it can be easily integrated into mobile native or browser-based applications. Unblu Secure Messenger provides the same kind of real-time engagement as a phone call, but with a new level of fluidity as to when the exchange takes place, allowing it to naturally fit into a customer’s life.

Unblu's solution is designed for the banking and financial industry, guaranteeing the highest level of protection. Banks maintain control over communications with banking agents and advisors and all information is recorded, documented, encrypted, and stored on the premise or in the cloud so it can be retrieved at a later date, if necessary, by financial regulators.

Banks can also integrate Unblu Secure Messenger into the most popular messaging platforms. The text messaging solution you implement should have the ability to connect with customers via their favorite social messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Business Chat. We make it possible with our connectors and external messaging APIs. 

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