Solution introduction

Help your wealth management organization and your advisors deliver better investor outcomes by simplifying the construction and management of highly-tailored portfolios

We're trusted by the largest and most respected firms in wealth management

The VestmarkONE® platform is a unique software that lets you start with one asset allocation... built out with securities, SMAs, models and cash... all in flexible sleeves... each with different trading discretion... while preserving true sleeve- and tax lot-level portfolio accounting... all in a single custodial account.

Features & functionality
The VestmarkONE® platform powers the full workflow of profiling a prospect, constructing a portfolio and generating a proposal tailored for that investor, opening an account, managing/trading/rebalancing a client portfolio, reporting and billing on an account or household…. all in an efficient, tax-sensitive way that even allows for scalable customization.

Portfolio accounting, trading, and rebalancing are all tax-lot and individual sleeve enabled. Capabilities such as auto reconciliation, compliance surveillance and reporting, and other tools help to create efficiencies in the back office too.

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