Solution introduction

Wealth Intelligence's Corporate Action solution reduces your risk, whilst improving client / stakeholder services and reducing costs by automating your end to end corporate actions processing

Wealth Intelligence's Corporate Action solution will improve your corporate actions data, ensuring no event is missed or erroneous information provided to and acted upon by internal decision makers or external clients. It will provide processing visibility against workflows specific to any event type, ensuring compliance to best practice and adhesion to internal / market deadlines. It will manage the dissemination of information to those who make the decisions, especially voluntary events, recording the resulting instructions, allocating and reporting them correctly across multiple custodians.

Wealth Intelligence's Corporate Actions facilitates reductions in risk, improved efficiency and an improvement in customer service:

  • Never miss or process an erroneous event by receiving and managing multiple notifications from multiple sources
  • Build in best practice into event type specific workflows, creating and diarising tasks including reminders and escalations
  • Scheduling and routing internal and external communications ensuring the dissemination of information to clients, relationship managers and other internal stakeholders
  • Facilitates the management of the election process including the notification of options, the capture of instructions, the apportioning and communication of instructions to custodians / accounts and the reconciliation of entitlements
  • Process entitlements, where this is not performed in the back office platform.

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