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Your DeVoe & Company Valuation: More Than Just a Number

“Growing a US$1 billion firm at 40% a year creates little room for management error. DeVoe & Company’s quarterly valuation work has become a critical dashboard for running the business.” — C.J. RENDIC, CEO of Parallel Advisors

Valuation is important. So, we approach it like a science. With over 180 valuations under our belt, we are able to tear your company apart economically and put it back together again using a 30,000-cell proprietary Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model. And you are along for the ride. Each valuation engagement is comprised of four to seven meetings with you.

The results? A defensible valuation—and so much more.

Our Tools Help You Improve Your Company’s Value
Through our process, you will learn what is working in your company and—perhaps more importantly—what isn’t. Our analytically rigorous process creates a diagnostic of your firm, and consequently many of our clients now use our valuation as part of their annual planning process. It’s a dashboard they use to run their company and improve its value.

We offer three levels of valuations to fit our clients’ respective complexities and budgets. Contact us to learn the differences between the levels and which level is right for you.

We’d also like to offer a second opinion if you are using a valuation that is not based on a DCF method.

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