Solution introduction

Generate, control and execute trades automatically

Institutions face significant challenges in being able to optimise order management processing and control costs. Ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations remains a costly and time-consuming process, especially when trying to manage it across disparate systems. Data accuracy is another key area of risk. Pre- and post-trade checks can be performed in the order management system to reduce operational risks. Integration of market data is giving financial institutions the flexibility they need to speed up order generation and more accurately proceed with execution and settlement.

With a fully integrated order management system OLYMPIC Banking System empowers financial institutions with automated trade lifecycle management and streamlined investments across their portfolios.

Lower TCO
Fully integrated streamlined processes using a single source of data are driving automation at scale, which enables brokers and dealers to focus on their core business activities.

Reduced operational risks
Monitor and manage operational risks that may result in non-compliance with MiFID II. The risk management challenges of MiFID II need to be taken into account with respect to trading capabilities and investor protection requirements.

Agility & Reactivity
Simplify and streamline your order processing. Eliminate complexity thanks to a scalable and robust technology that will simplify your IT architecture: no data replication, no need for data reconciliation, no possible discrepancy between the front/middle/back office and client reporting. The transmission and execution of stock exchange orders to third parties is also carried out in real time.

Real-time STP
Access customer assets and transactions 24×7 and in real time. Order execution is immediately reflected in the client’s securities positions and account balances. Each transaction follows defined procedures according to the statuses attributed to the transaction during processing.

Fully integrated processes
The routing of orders across the full trade lifecycle, from order input to execution and account posting, can be traced right through to the trade settlement. All messages and advice notes sent to relevant parties are generated or imported from counterparties automatically.

Open ecosystem
OLYMPIC Banking System has standard interfaces with multiple messaging systems.

Messages to brokers can be sent using the FIX protocol format. The system connects with market standard trading systems.

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