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Advancing custody and settlement services for the private market

We know the challenges that come with alternative assets and understand the importance of security and compliance

Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Forge Trust, is a custodian that was built on the foundation of navigating the operational complexities of the non-publicly traded markets in a transparent and secure environment. With decades of experience under our belts, our knowledge and expertise streamlines the entire process of custody and settlement services.

Our experience makes a difference

We are rooted in decades of experience
We are a custodian with decades of institutional experience working with today’s digital investment platforms and private investment companies.

Experts at alternatives

We custody a wide-range of assets
From publicly listed to privately traded investments, we handle a variety of assets like private equity and debt, real estate, promissory notes, private placements, precious metals and more.

Serving your custody needs

Secure services for institutional investors
Our services include independent safe-keeping of assets, transfers and settlements, verification of ownership, asset servicing for corporate actions, valuations, reports, and statements.

Committed to custody

Custody is our priority
We are custody experts. With over US$13 billion in assets under custody and over 1.3 million accounts, we have the experience to prove it.

We're here to help

Our dedicated support team is here for you
Our institutional services team gives you the help you need. A personal relationship manager and support team are dedicated to your custody needs and work to ensure your interests are secure, transparent, and compliant.

Advancing custody for the private market
We work with you to ensure your interests are taken care of. Let us help you take the next step towards success.

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