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Digital fund services with a shared platform built on blockchain technology

FundsDLT Platform Solution for wealth managers 
FundsDLT provides a shared platform built on distributed ledger technology. It aims to generate efficiencies, transparency and better client experience all along the investment fund distribution chain. 

Wealth managers can streamline a range of tasks by using the FundsDLT blockchain to automate processes in a secure manner. The platform facilitates a cooperative ecosystem between all actors enabling them to exchange data in real-time and eliminate redundant activities.

The FundsDLT platform solution for wealth managers offers:

  • Digital account opening and position maintenance
  • Transaction and order processing
  • Cash settlement
  • Commission and tax
  • Reporting

FundsDLT can also provide a centralized KYC platform with digital investor onboarding as well as a fund data hub delivering specific information to investors and managers.

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Transforming investment fund distribution: FundsDLT

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The solution combines an Ethereum-based Quorum blockchain that uses smart contracts together with APIs that have been designed specifically for buying and selling investment funds.

The private blockchain network has been built to deliver secure and private environments for clients, meeting the high standards of the industry. It supports transaction processing, cash settlement and the maintenance of investor accounts.

It is highly scalable while at the same time allowing for high performance and very low energy consumption.

At the heart of the FundsDLT Platform Solution for wealth managers lies real-time interoperability between all actors involved in investment fund distribution. This cross-boundary integration has many benefits and produces much operational efficiency.

Unique to the platform is the additional integration of

  • A product database for fund data
  • A KYC repository enabling digital onboarding.

Finally, for wealth managers who prefer to, SWIFT can be used as an alternative to the APIs within the blockchain. 


Primarily, the FundsDLT Platform Solution gives wealth managers access to improved information and data flows and collaboration throughout the distribution chain.

This digital transformation of the investment process results in

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Increased transaction speeds
  • Reduced costs
  • Simpler and faster investor onboarding
  • Improved buyer and user experiences.

Additionally, the high levels of transparency on the platform offers the ability to have a full strategic overview of the investment process and thus a closer understanding of products and the ability to better tailor services to create value.


The FundsDLT Platform Solution is addressed to wealth managers, fund platforms and distributors in Europe and at investors worldwide.

It is open to all companies who are looking to transform legacy distribution activities into digital offerings and who are seeking closer cooperation and integration throughout the investment fund value chain.

Other international financial markets can be opened through leveraging potential strategic partnerships with local or regional key players.  

Key Data

Year launched
Type of Clients
  • Asset Managers
  • Bank Wealth Managers
  • Digital Wealth Manager
  • Financial Advisors

FundsDLT Platform Solution

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