Solution introduction

Hex Clear provides secure, straight-through, real-time and near risk-free clearing and settlement for digital asset transactions

Near risk-free clearing and settlement for digital asset transactions

Minimize risks
Our clearing and settlement services address one of the most pressing structural issues of the digital assets markets, whereby funds need to usually be moved to the trading venue (exchanges & brokers' wallet) before the trade happens. This process is usually source of several problems which Hex Trust helps to address, among which:

  • Counterparty risk: one party must act first and rely on the counterparty’s good faith
  • Inefficient capital allocation: balance sheet must be broken up in order to trade on multiple exchanges
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements: funds need to leave custody in order to settle trades

On-chain settlement
All digital asset settlements are performed on-chain to provide real-time settlement and greater auditability.

Support Free of Payment (FoP), Delivery versus Payment (DvP) and Receive versus Payment (RvP).

Asset servicing
Support corporate actions such as forks, airdrops, voting, interests and dividends (payments and collection).

Support funding instructions and settlement status update via APIs, SWIFT / FIX messaging and other legacy systems.

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