Solution introduction

Hex Markets Services allows our custody clients to connect to liquidity providers, facilitating the settlement process

Our custody clients can use Hex Markets Services to choose which liquidity providers they'd like to trade with and access our aggregated liquidity

Deep liquidity
The smart order routing guarantees the best execution across deep liquidity pools of exchanges and OTC desks across a range of digital assets. We provide the flexibility to customize your dashboard to receive the specific pricing data and information you need.

Safely access trading opportunities
Access trading opportunities via our market-leading security and integration. Settlement for your digital asset trades are performed securely within Hex Safe which provides the highest level of security. Hex Markets Services provides automatic settlement, freeing our clients and traders from time consuming and prone to error transfer processes.

Trading capabilities
Integrated trade execution service directly from wallets within Hex Custody.

Best execution
Best execution across deep liquidity pools through market leading liquidity providers.

Trade settlement
Automatic trade settlement across wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat via Hex Clear.

Customizable dashboard
Friendly user interface allows multiple streams of pricing data, positions, and account information.

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