Solution introduction

Hex Safe is our bank-grade custody solution for digital assets, which provides a state-of-the-art security framework delivered in partnership with IBM, seamless integration with core banking systems and comprehensive insurance coverage

Hex Safe has been designed with a multi-layered architecture to deliver the highest degree of security for the assets held in custody

Safekeep Assets

  • Secure backup – upon request, all application data, including encrypted assets and in-flight transactions, are replicated in real-time to the backup datacenter.
  • Account structure – Hex Safe offers extreme flexibility to create hierarchical structures of accounts and sub-accounts. All accounts and sub-accounts are completely segregated on chain and derived through different seeds to offer the highest degree of safety and third-party auditability.
  • Customizable user roles – built with an institutional mindset to mesh with financial institutions processes and workflows. The platform allows six user roles to enable complete Segregation of Duties (SoD) and eliminate Single Points of Failure (SPoF) by distributing critical functions and responsibilities governing transactions processes across several functions/departments.
  • Wallet policies – to further enhance security, policies can be created by an Administrator to limit the ability to transfer assets into or out of a custody wallet.

Digital Assets coverage
Support for over 100 coins and tokens from the top 10 blockchain protocols, in addition to security tokens built on Ethereum, Tezos and Corda.

Full custody
Clients seeking regulatory compliance can choose to have assets held by Hex Trust, a licensed custodian focused exclusively on digital assets. Hex Trust acts as a trustee holding client assets and their corresponding private keys. All transactions initiated and authorized by clients are managed and executed by Hex Safe and Hex Trust operations teams. The full wallet structure (Frozen, Cold and Warm) can be provided to clients and funds are covered by Hex Trust's comprehensive insurance policy.

Custody as a Service
Our CaaS solution allows clients to operate and retain full control of their assets without requiring a full on premise implementation and integration. Hex Trust SaaS solution can also be provided on dedicated hardware and infrastructure, hosted at one of Hex Trust partner data centres. An agile solution based on Hex Trust proprietary ZeroKey™ technology can also be provided to offer the highest level of security of cold wallets and the speed of hot wallets.

Enterprise solution
Hex Trust enterprise solution offers the highest degree of flexibility to adapt to clients processes and organizational structures. On-premises enterprise solution and infrastructure delivered on IBM LinuxONE platform. The entire process is under complete control of the client and cannot be accessed by Hex Trust support staff unless authorised.

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