Solution introduction

Even the biggest human workforce cannot possibly read, understand, reformulate, and systematically target hundreds of thousand messages a day. But ISB can. The result is perfectly orchestrated and streamlined data flows, discipline, and efficiency

The Incentage Service Bus orchestrates message flows with strict logic and structures large data volumes. It avoids failures, jams, detours and delays

The issue
Business process, information and message flow management are critical success factors for any operational unit within the financial industry. Pressure to be profitable, compliance with regulatory requirements, missing overview over business flows, dynamic markets and the need for unlimited scalability in spite of budget restrictions keep CIOs and CEOs awake at night.

  • Changes in message routing, introduction of new or change of recipients of messages, and introducing duplicate checks often represent insurmountable obstacles for improving business flows

  • Dilapidated, inflexible and monolithic system and messaging architectures prevent quick and pro-active alignment with market and business needs

  • A clear overall picture becomes increasingly impossible in view of rising message loads and increased complexity of standards, formats and protocols

  • Essential functionality such as routing, transformation, formatting, business and technical matching, as well as duplicate checks need re-invention in view of high volumes, proliferation of standards and protocols, time-to-market issues and budget restrictions

  • You just want to be sure that any message of yours is at the right place at the right time … like the celebrated conductor makes sure of the right entry of any of his orchestra musicians

ISB Incentage Service Bus is the instrument to keep all business and message flows, internally and externally, under full control.

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